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Tue, Apr 27



Soul Circle

Welcome to Soul Circle! Every week we will dive deep into the power of reality creation with the assistance of the subconscious mind through guided meditation, hypnosis, manifestation, lecture, discussion, journaling and so much more to create the ideal future you deserve to have.

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Soul Circle
Soul Circle

Time & Location

Apr 27, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


What We'll Be Doing...

This week’s Soul Circle is going to be devoted to Past Life Regression. 

The belief system that I and many others operate with is based around the concept that we are eternal spiritual beings, constantly reincarnating as a fragment of God/Source/Spirit in order to learn about and experience existence from all possible perspectives.

The soul that exists within the current personality reading these words has been in existence from the beginning of time and death is merely a transition from one opportunity of growth and learning to another.

This means that your soul has lived many, many, many lifetimes.

The thing with an incarnation on earth though, is that when we incarnate here our memories of our past lives are typically wiped clean, to give us a fresh start in this “Earth School” as Dolores Cannon, the world’s best regression hypnotist refers to it as.

Of all the literature, channelings, and transcriptions of regression sessions of participants in a somnambulistic state that I’ve read, it’s clear that this aspect of earth incarnation is unique to the planet. 

Although we consciously forget these past incarnations, the ever powerful Subconscious Mind (soul) never forgets, and can carry over traumas, pain, and cellular memories into this lifetime.

What this means, and why past life regression can be so incredibly powerful and therapeutic, is that there may be challenging aspects or patterns of this current lifetime that do NOT originate from this incarnation, but from another one deep in the history of your soul.

When we tap into the subconscious mind through the hypnotic process, we are able to relive a past life that holds information that can help us heal and move forward in this lifetime. And that's exactly what we'll be doing. 

Painful relationships, physical dis-eases, phobias, and mental illnesses many times can be traced back to a past life experience, especially when there is no logical explanation for them in this current lifetime.

The Soul Circle session will be a “light” version of a past life regression, in that it will be a silent inner journey as opposed to a full session where we directly converse with the entity in the past lifetime and eventually the Subconscious Mind itself to understand why it chose to show that lifetime to be experienced by the current personality.

Regardless, it is extremely powerful and will give you answers to questions you have never been able to solve.

See you there!


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