Who am I ? 

If you’re here, you might know me somehow. If you don’t, hi, I'm Kate, and I'm happy you're here. Since I have you I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. 


 I have traveled through many years of my life not knowing what the hell I was doing. I went to the University of Connecticut as a fine arts major. When that didn’t work out, I remained undecided until my academic advisor basically told me to get it together and just pick something.


Enter: speech pathology.

Also enter: anxiety & depression.


For a significant chunk of the latter half of my college career, I was extremely anxious and clinically depressed. I suffered from debilitating panic attacks and felt at times near suicidal. After the right dose of antidepressants and work with a psychiatrist, I remember the day the clouds finally lifted.


I walked outside and was amazed at how beautiful the sky was. I was happy again. And in that moment I realized that I had completely forgotten what it felt like to be truly happy.


I think that day was one of the most important days of my life. It was the day I decided I would spend the rest of my life exploring my Self. It was also the impetus for my deep curiosity around what makes me truly happy, how do I keep myself constantly aligned with my SOUL’S purpose, and how to connect to a deeper part of myself— the indwelling divinity that lives with in each and every human, animal, plant, stone and drop of rain. That's really when I began my journey inwards, exploring my reactions, my beliefs, values, and how to change the world around me, my reality, with just my mind. 


The road has been all over the place. To the highest highs I’ve ever felt, to the lowest moments my heart could handle. But through it all I kept a new mindset- which was that everything I was experiencing was happening because it was what I needed to grow. I have faith. I trust. I surrender. And I accept the lessons, tests, wins and losses with radical appreciation, no matter what. I am always learning, and I will forever be a student of Life.  


It did take a little while before I came to the realization that the inside of my mind directly reflects the events, people, experiences and interactions I experience on a daily basis.


When I would think “bad things”, “bad” situations, people, and luck would appear.


When I kept a mind filled with love, compassion, understanding and gratitude, I was constantly blessed with the most beautiful things any life could offer. Great friends. Beautiful memories. Life was rich, full, deep. Everything just seemed to fall into place, all the time.


And still does. 


What I have learned over the last few years is what I believe my soul wants to do on this planet; in this lifetime. And that is to help as many people as I possibly can to connect, align, and understand their deepest Self so that they can consciously create the lives they are meant  to have. I have clients today who will tell me ashamedly that they want to be happy, they want to have everything, but that they don't deserve what they want. To which my reply is, of course you deserve every single thing you want. We are physical beings on this physical plane for a reason, and that is to fully ENJOY the physical things! It is our birth right to fully live the lives we're given and experience everything our beautiful planet has to offer. 


When I began understanding the mechanics of manifestation, it clicked very quickly. I was able to create pretty significant things in my life- seemingly out of thin air- a new career for myself, mentors, an office, a $1300 a month apartment in the west end of Hartford, a $1 Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner...  This work is real. And it’s really simple. I knew that I could teach people how to do what I've been doing, so I started doing just that. And people started having incredible results. New jobs... significant others... cars... it was like we were co-creating pure, honest magic. 


From here my awareness shifted to the most important element behind anything, which is energy.


Everything in this world is made of energy. Vibrations. Frequencies. Every person, plant, drop of water are all just energy. When the energies around and within our bodies are unbalanced or disturbed due to low vibration emotions, thoughts or beliefs, overtime unwanted thought patterns, illness, dis-ease and injury can manifest themselves in our fragile forms. 


So what do we do? We must heal our energy. This was my deep desire behind becoming a Reiki Master. I know that we must heal on an energetic level, above all, if we want to change our lives for the better. I take so much pride and joy in helping people release stuck emotions and balancing their energies so they leave feeling refreshed, healed and ready to kick some ass. 

But do you want to know the key to it all? The key to improving and expanding your Self beyond what you ever thought was possible? The key is hypnosis. I have been using hypnosis for years... to release subconscious negativity, to connect to my higher self, to sleep better, and to feel more confident. I knew deep down I wanted to be a hypnotist but that felt almost silly. I went to college for four years and spent almost 2 years in grad school to become a hypnotist? You're damn right I did. Because this is what I am meant to do with my life. Guiding people into the 90% untapped potential of their subconscious minds to co-create deep, ever-lasting shifts in their lives is what I came here to do. Through hypnosis anything is possible. And when we can combine the power of the subconscious with the power of deep energy healing, the transformational potential is unlimited. 


Along the way I have also realized how beneficial it was for me to learn about myself through nontraditional means such as Human Design and Astrology. I'm sure most people have heard of astrology-- aka I'm a Taurus sun with a Scorpio moon & rising. Human Design is something not yet as diffuse among the consciousness of our current world. It's something that clicked for me. And has been one of the BEST things I have ever stumbled upon. I began studying charts and making sense of the synchronicities and uncanny descriptions and visuals. I now understand how I operate best in the world, my strategy for moving through life, and where I have picked up external conditioning throughout my life this far. When I sit down and look at someones natal chart and their human design chart, it's like looking at their personal Soul Blueprint. Incredible work is done just through the awareness that these tools bring.


I know this is a lot; and there is so much more. But basically— the way I helped myself is the way I will help you. I have complete and utter faith in myself, my abilities, my connection, my cause, and the highest powers above and within all of us. Whatever you want your life to look/be/feel like, I will help you learn to co-create it with he Universe. We will remove whatever blocks or walls that are keeping you stuck or small, in a life that is not serving your highest and greatest good.


Together, and with tremendous help from divine sources I cannot begin to fathom, we will create Soul Magic.