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Guided Meditations

New to the Soul Magic site, here you'll have access to free guided meditations. They're short, sweet and easy to follow. Enjoy.  

Beautiful Nature


About 15 minutes long, this meditation will help to bring you fully into your body and anchor you to the core of this planet, leaving you feeling light, yet anchored, refreshed, and ready to move forward with your day. 


Ideal for anyone who's been dealing with spaciness, inability to focus, or who needs a gentle re-centering.

Grounding MeditationSoul Magic
00:00 / 14:12


15 minutes long, the intention of this meditation is to connect you to the frequency of joy and gratitude. 

Gratitude is a powerful neutralizing frequency, and once you put your attention, focus and energy upon that frequency, you begin to attract more things to be grateful for through the Law of Attraction.


Perfect for anyone who wants to interrupt a lower vibrational mood or momentum, anyone who wants to capitalize & expand upon their current state of joy and gratitude, or for those who want to refocus their energy to a higher vibrational set-point in general. 

Gratitude MeditationSoul Magic
00:00 / 15:49
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