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"What do you have to offer me, Kate?

"What are all of these magical things you speak of, Kate?"

Well sit on back and I'll tell you, friend. 

Reiki: (pronounced ray-key) is a universal healing, loving, intelligent energy that can be utilized to heal, balance, and cleanse the body, mind and energetic field from any energy disturbances that may be present within an individual. It can be done both hands-on and hands-off the body. Since the energy itself is intelligent, it knows where to go. This means I get to sit on back and let the Reiki use me as a vessel to provide you with the deepest healing possible. Some people experience sensations like tingling, heat, cool, pressure and absolutely nothing. Don't be surprised if you begin to cry or laugh during a Reiki session, the energy tends to unblock emotions hidden in various parts of the body that need to be expressed in order for the best healing to be done. Most people leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, euphoric and clear.

Spiritual Life Coaching: 

Human Design:


Well, sit on back and I'll tell you below. 


Quantum Manifestation: When learning the Art of Manifestation through Soul Magic, the aim is to satisfy both the analytical, logical left brain and the creative, intuitive right brain. 


We spend time looking at Manifestation in a spiritual sense, as well as through the lens of quantum physics & the science of consciousness. 


You will be given a powerful formula to follow, a breakdown of the quantum nature of reality as well as the science behind how mind affects matter. 


You’ll walk away feeling empowered and unlimited when it comes to deliberately creating your ideal reality. 


Regression Hypnotherapy: Utilizing regression hypnosis in a therapeutic setting allows us to enter into the powerful subconscious mind to locate, understand and heal from past traumas and limiting belief systems. All of the limiting patterns, beliefs, fears, and habits you have originate from somewhere deep in the past, whether that is this lifetime, or previous lifetimes.


If you have physical issues that cannot be diagnosed, deep mental or emotional challenges, a deep fear or phobia that seems out of place, or you have distinct unhealthy patterns, behaviors, habits or relationships, chances are these present issues have a root somewhere deep in the past.

The protocol is simple, I guide you into a state of physical and mental relaxation which slows the brainwaves down, so that we are able to slip past the critical faculty of the analytical mind and right into the storehouse of information that is the subconscious mind.


Once we’re in the subconscious mind, we are free to explore the roots of your troubles and arrive at a higher perspective of these causes that leads to powerful shifts in your present mind and outer reality.  


If there is anything you want to explore, understand or change about yourself or your life, regression hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective way to do so.


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee): is a universal, healing, loving & intelligent energy, that I have been attuned to as a Reiki Master. This life force energy is able to balance, and cleanse the body, mind and energetic field from any energetic disturbances that may be present within an individual.


This can be done both hands-on as well as hands-off the body, in person and at a distance.

As the reiki begins to unblock energies trapped in various parts of the body & auric field that need to be expressed, you may have an emotional response, physical healing, and/or general sense of feeling lighter and more at ease. 


Some people experience physical sensations such as tingling, heat, cool, pressure and absolutely nothing. Many times, there are powerful intuitive messages received during the reiki that we discuss in a quick debriefing following the energy work.


Most people leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, energized, euphoric and clear. 


Spiritual Life Coaching: Sometimes we all need someone to give us a little perspective, guidance, and someone to actively listen without judgment. Having been formally trained in Spiritual Life Coaching, I look at what is going on in your life from a more consciousness-based and energetic perspective. 


The goal is to assist you in looking outside of the box you’re in, to see what’s really underneath the issues, and assist you in creating an ideal path forward into the life you desire and deserve. 

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