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Doing this work has been tremendously rewarding.
Especially when myself and my client see and feel the progress & shifts after our sessions.
Take some time to read what some of them have to say about Soul Magic. 

Sloan says:

"For almost a year I had been experiencing a hefty amount of stress, insecure thoughts and depressive mood swings. I’d wake up dreading the day and feeling anxious about things that used to bring me joy, like food or social situations. Slap the shittiness of a global pandemic on top of that and I knew it was time to get back to being myself. 


What I can say about Kate’s work is that it's completely changing my life for the better. Sessions involving hypnosis or human design have gifted me with a deep understanding of myself and of others. With that deep understanding, I can start to apply the appropriate solutions to my life. 


Since starting these sessions, I feel like I’ve been re-introduced to a side of myself that I haven’t seen in years. My relationships, performance at work and overall demeanor have improved beyond belief. I feel like I’m on the right track to becoming my best self, and I have to credit it to Kate. She has an incredible gift and I am so beyond grateful for her."

*individual results may vary

Melissa says:

*individual results may vary

"Kate is truly amazing. My daughter and I have both had multiple sessions with her and we have both come out feeling more incredible each time. Before starting hypnosis, Kate truly took the time to get to know us, how we live our lives, what makes us happy, sad, stressed, nervous, excited. Kate’s energy is so kind and calming, it is easy to share with her, talking to her is like talking to an old friend who knows you as well as you know yourself. Before starting hypnosis, we were a little skeptical that it would work for us.


Neither of us are severely overweight but we have struggled to lose about 15-20 pounds even though we exercise and thought we were living a relatively healthy lifestyle. My daughter wanted to feel more comfortable in her clothes -- it is so hard to be in high school and not feel good when you put your clothes on, and I explained to Kate that I was sick of feeling yucky and sick of wearing clothes that are just too tight. So I thought hypnosis might help me address my issues of eating too fast without realizing I was doing it, and it really did.


With hypnosis, Kate has turned our feelings into positives, she has helped us realize how much better we feel, how easy it can be to slow down and how easy it can be to be mindful of what you put in your body.  Kate has never made this journey feel like a struggle instead, through hypnosis, she has empowered us to take control of our eating, as well as our emotions that go along with eating. Both of us would highly recommend Kate as we have seen positive results in our bodies and minds. She has been a gift."

*individual results may vary

Madison says:

"I did a Hypnosis Regression session with Kaitlyn, and can honestly say it was one of the most healing experiences I have ever had!


I have always been a proponent of traditional talk-therapy, but with years of clinical training during graduate school, I felt it became largely ineffective for me as I never felt I could turn off my 'conscious thought' and 'therapist hat'.


I went out on a limb and decided to give the hypnosis regression a chance, and found myself feeling more refreshed than ever afterwards. I had been dealing with emotional pain from a painful break-up, and years of unhealthy stress that manifested in extreme tension in my back.


During the session, I got the chance to deal with my issues head-on through my subconscious mind. I came out of the session feeling light, refreshed, and relieved of all of my physical pain. It's been 4 days now, and I still have no pain in my back.


I cannot recommend Kaitlyn enough! If you are looking for relief in any area of your life, please utilize her gift--you won't regret it!!"

*individual results may vary

Lou says:

"Q: What put you over the edge to see Kate?

A: I was having trouble sleeping for years.  I tried melatonin, breathing exercises, calming noises, nothing seemed to work.  Of all the self marketing people in the holistic field, nobody seemed more enthusiastic and welcoming than Kate.  She answered me promptly and we set up a time to talk.


Q: What one or two things about Kate's approach was different from what you've tried before?

A:  First and foremost was the approach.  Typically in these instances you meet a lot of people who really believe they are "gods gift to earth" and almost make you feel like you should feel blessed they even made time to see you.  Kate took the opposite approach.  She was more interested in getting to know me and the history of what I was dealing with than  explaining how great her services are.  It just felt personal and led to making me comfortable with something I never even thought of trying until now.  The second thing Kate did differently was make me feel safe.  Like most of you I've always considered myself a little unbalanced and often joke about how I never want to look inside because I'm scared of whatever monster I might find.  Kate took the time to explain to me it was just me, her, and the tools of healing.  I've never done something like this and felt more comfortable.


Q:  What is the most surprising feeling/ outcome/ new thing you're experiencing now?

A : Calm, and appreciation for my self.  I was brought up in a construction household where every day is measured by the amount of items checked off your forever growing "to-do" list.  I couldn't sit still or relax without a constant anxious voice in the back of my head saying "you could be doing this, you could be doing that".  After my session with Kate I woke up this morning relaxed, calm, with no anxiety about the many things I could be doing.  I was expecting to sleep better and I did.  I was not expecting the overall general improvement it would make to my state of mind and self image immediately.  I feel like I'm back on the shores of Hawaii just enjoying the little moments.  Never underestimate the power of a peaceful mind.


Side Note:


Kate offered to help me for nothing but a willingness to keep an open mind.  The passion that runs across her face when talking about all of the exciting new approaches she's researching is infectious.  It's inspiring to see someone so young that cares more about helping people than money.  Often times in this particular industry I think you meet a lot of people chasing vanity, like praise and being considered super human means more than actually helping people.  That could not be Kate.  She speaks with respect, kindness, and excitement over the chance to help people.  It felt more like talking with an old friend than it did a consultation.  In my mind those qualities are what make a person truly capable of healing and understanding the emotional roller coasters you have endured.  I'd recommend her to family, friends, coworkers, whomever.  They won't be disappointed."

*individual results may vary

Travis says:

"As someone who has always had pain due to sports related injuries, going to the doctor has never been the most pleasant experience. Running tests that seem to lead to nowhere, medicine that seems to make me feel worse rather than better, and the constant medical bills  make it very difficult to think they’re actually doing something that is working. 


Now that sports are done (other than baseball in the summer time) I’m realizing that the pain I used to have when I was younger is now here to stay. Shoulder pain from repeated throwing, hip pain from wrestling and pushing off a rubber, and foot and ankle pain from a surgery. This has all culminated into feeling like a grumpy 70 year old man at the age of 24. 


When I found out what Kaitlyn was doing with her reiki healing I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical. But being someone who hates even visiting the dentist, any option seemed better than having to see an orthopedic doctor. So I thought why not try and see if this works. 


When I first walked into her office we sat down and she began to explain what would happen during our session which made me feel very comfortable. She detailed out sensations that I may feel and things that may happen, which at first might be strange, you will later see just how amazing it is. 


I walked out of my first session feeling on top of the world, no pain at all, like I had been feeling for weeks prior and I had an overall better sense of my body and mind. It was a total cleansing experience and I challenge people to give her a shot just like I did. I promise you won’t regret it."

*individual results may vary

Bree says:

"When I started working with Kate, I was suffering from severe burnout. I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck, and paralyzed.

I was full of self-doubt, and it was impacting my confidence, my relationships, and my work. Using a variety of methods, like distance healing, human design, and visualization, Kate has helped me reconnect with my purpose, trust my intuition, and slow down.


Kate's coaching style is warm, encouraging and gentle, and she has a knack for turning her wisdom into clear action steps. She has helped me regain my confidence, and I've started writing and creating art again.


If you want to connect with your soul's purpose, then I highly recommend you work with Kate."

*individual results may vary

Victoria says:

Kate is the best!! Between the reiki, to the hypnosis, manifesting, etc. I always leave feeling so much lighter and positive. She truly just wants to see you succeed and be a happier person, and she’s already helped me make some big life changes. I’m excited to continue to find out where my path takes me through the help of Kate & Soul Magic. 10/10 would recommend.

*individual results may vary

Sarah says:

I first found Kate through social media, and we quickly connected over similar interests. Once we got into our work together, I realized how passionate and powerful she is, and how healing the energy she radiates can be. Hypnosis is not as cheesy as the media may make it out to be - it's truly about harnessing your subconscious energy and manifesting that into making changes. Kate uses your own capabilities to access subconscious thought patterns that often hinder your functioning, and attempts to bring awareness to them. She encourages you to dig deeper and truly work toward achieving the highest version of yourself.The atmosphere is so calming and welcoming, and Kate does a great job maintaining this energy. I am so happy I embarked on this journey, and I definitely would recommend anyone give this a true chance. 

*individual results may vary

Erin says:

I’ve never met a more soulful, caring and magical person than Kaitlyn. As someone who has always been skeptical of the “woo-woo” stuff, I am now a believer. Kaitlyn is a true savant; I’ve witnessed her heal and push people forward in such an incredibly short time and with such gentle grace. I truly believe every human on earth would benefit from Kaitlyn’s soulful approach to healing and growth.

*individual results may vary

Kelie says:

Kaitlyn is an incredibly talented and simply amazing healer and teacher -just amazing!

*individual results may vary

Megan says:

"The name Soul Magic perfectly captures the experience of working with Kaitlyn.  

I was open to trying a combination of her services and started out by learning about my human design. The detailed overview she provided was dead on and has helped me better understand how I interact with others in the world. It has been the foundation for my manifestation process and personal and career goals. 


I believe everyone operates at a different frequency and connects with the universe’s energy in their own way. Through Katilyn’s reiki treatments I’ve been able to reset my energy channels and feel more positive in my daily interactions. 


The transformation I’ve experienced has been unexpected but throughly rewarding. The way I feel when I leave a session with Kaitlyn is addicting. It truly is Soul Magic."

*individual results may vary

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