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Why Do Inner Child Work?

Between the ages of 0-7 (some would argue 0-10) our brains remain in a mostly theta brainwave state. This means that for those first formative years, we are in a highly suggestible hypnotic state.

Everything we experience those first several years is being programmed into our subconscious mind, where all of our beliefs are formed that will help us navigate through the rest of our lives.

This means that the relationship patterns you witnessed, the things you heard about yourself— both positive and negative, the way others treated you, your parents' relationship with money and finances, the expectations others placed on you and how you handled your emotions are still operating today unconsciously in your deep inner mind.

These core beliefs can be detrimental or beneficial. If you were raised to believe that you could accomplish anything or that money was always an available abundant resource, then you are most likely a highly successful and prosperous individual who believes in their power and potential.

However, when you take a step back and look at your life as it is, and notice the parts of yourself, the patterns you see or the habits you have that cause you any sort of discomfort or dissatisfaction, odds are it’s due to an unhealthy deeply programmed belief from your early childhood.

The good news is— what the subconscious learned can be unlearned and reprogrammed. This is where regression hypnotherapy comes in.

In a regression session, we target the area, challenge or belief you want to work on. For example, I had someone come to me wanting to work on their strong aversion to people who come across as inauthentic, uncomfortable being their true selves. It was getting to the point where there were people in her life that she perceived as inauthentic, and she couldn’t disguise her disgust towards them well enough anymore. She wanted to get to the bottom of why this aversion existed.

In regression, it’s important to note that although you may have a conscious awareness of where you THINK the problem or challenge originated, the presenting memory is typically what’s referred to as a Subsequent Sensitizing Event (SSE)— meaning the memory you have happened after the true original wound, or Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE). From my experience as a hypnotherapist, every single time someone thinks they know “where it all started”, there is an ISE that occurred much earlier in the life that holds all the gold that only the subconscious mind remembers.

And that’s just it— that is why we do regression— because the subconscious mind NEVER forgets. It has recorded every single waking moment of your entire lifetime. It knows the root causes and solutions to every issue in your life and through the hypnotic state we can access that information and healing potential.

When I regressed that client into her childhood to find the root of her aversion to inauthenticity, we went back to when she was 3 years old and her dad was yelling at her to sit down and be quiet because she was being too rambunctious dancing around and singing— an obscure memory that she never would have remembered consciously.

That one moment created the deep belief in that tiny mind that being her full self wasn’t permissible— that she had to alter who she was fundamentally to be accepted. Thus sprung her distaste for inauthentic people, as it was resentment towards her own trauma reflected back to her in other people.

Once we find the ISE, we’ve hit the jackpot. Remember, in the hypnotic state, you are in an altered state of consciousness where the gateway to the subconscious mind is wide open— which again means— we can program the mind with new experiences and new beliefs, and it will accept what it is experiencing as real, even though it’s imagined. I always say, when we're in that state of mind, what we are witnessing in our inner world is both real and imagined.

This is why the human mind is so powerful, and why quantum healing/regression hypnotherapy I believe is the key to unlocking your fullest potential. We are essentially time traveling, learning lessons and rewriting the past therefore altering your present and your future.

When we sit down with these younger versions of you and validate their experiences while sharing with them the resulting discomfort those limiting beliefs have caused, and we give them the love, support, and nourishment they weren’t receiving, you are being fundamentally changed. The subconscious fully believes that the love that your younger self is receiving is actually happening. You are quantum jumping timelines of existence and entering into an entirely new reality where that wounded inner child is now healed.

The effects of this work will radiate throughout your entire life. Relationships, perceptions, thoughts and behaviors all change to meet this new reality, this new version of you. You are more whole, more understanding, more connected to your younger self.

It’s powerful, liberating, and empowering to take back precious parts of you that may have been robbed or tarnished all those years ago.

Here’s a list of some of the issues that can be explored with regression hypnotherapy:

•Why you keep attracting the same unhealthy partner archetype over and over again

•Why you feel like you have an unhealthy relationship with money

•Why you won’t let yourself fully feel your emotions

•Why it’s so hard for you to say “no”

•Why you’re so hard on yourself

•Why you have certain phobias

•Why you’ve struggled with anxiety for so long

•Why you feel like you can’t attract meaningful friendships

•Why you have such trouble setting strong boundaries

•Why you find it so hard to trust yourself or others

•Why you hate being alone

•Why you find it so hard to love yourself

And so on...

If any of those stand out to you or if anything else popped into your head, understand that that is your subconscious mind trying to HELP you. Don’t be surprised if after reading this you receive clues to what your childhood wounds may be in the following days.

The great thing is, you now have the awareness of how and why this process works, so if anything else does pop into your mind, take advantage of the work and give your inner child the healing it deserves. That you deserve.

Email me at to set up your regression hypnotherapy session.

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