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Soul Magic

3 Month Intensive


It’s no coincidence this message has found you. I am so excited to introduce my latest Soul Magic creation.


I am hereby formally introducing the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive.

*crowd cheers and angels sing*


This 13 week, 9 session program will bring you into the depths of your own beingness. Through the various lenses of quantum manifestation & consciously creating reality, powerful hypnotic processes, universal energetics, meditation and accessing the vast wisdom and innate healing of the body and mind, you will venture through inner realms and vistas you haven’t yet become consciously aware of. 


The goal of this program is to leave you on a clear path towards self-mastery and self-discovery through the art of self control of your thoughts and emotions. There is no greater achievement in this life than being the master of your mind— through that mastery all things are possible. (Yes, I'm going to teach you the secret formula. Buckle up.) 


As this is an intensive, I expect a thorough commitment and dedication to this work and this sacred journey. There will be plenty of expanding growth-work along the way for you to complete on your own, and I will be teaching and guiding you into an enhanced meditation practice that even the never-meditated-ever folks fall in love with. 


This process is expanding, it’s liberating, it’s exhilarating, and it’s FUN. I’ve spent the last five years of my life on this inner journey. What I am presenting with this intensive is the concoction and culmination of the most important concepts within my esoteric and quantum knowledge that I have at this point in my education. These processes have worked for me, and for my incredible clients...


So take that leap with me. The time is now to understand who you are at your very core, to become the conscious creator of your reality, and to become the master of your thoughts and emotions. 


I've decided to post the entire curriculum so that you have all of the information you need to make the informed decision to reach out to me for a consultation call. It is my intention that the exact right people find and are drawn to this course. 

For a 20 minute consultation call to answer any questions and to see if myself and the program are the perfect fit for you and your goals— fill out the contact info at the bottom and we'll get moving.

Sending love and divine light 


xx Kate 

“After following Kaitlyn's journey and the evolution of Soul Magic on social media for years, I finally mustered up the courage to reach out at the end of September, 2020. I had my first session on October 8th and since then, my entire life has completely flipped upside down in ways beyond my wildest dreams.  In the past four - yes only 4 - months, I have manifested $300, $5000, parking spaces, communication from spirit guides, a new career path, my own business, and so much more. While all of these things bring me joy and love, my eternal gratitude for Kaitlyn stems from the immense inner peace she has brought me... something which years of therapy and countless medications were unsuccessful in doing. Soul Magic is truly just that... For anyone with interest or even a slight curiosity to see what it is all about, I urge you to take that leap and be prepared to co-create magic of your own.” -L.S.

SM3MI Curriculum

Session 1:  2 hours (week 1): Intake 

  1. All future meeting times

  2. Address accountability

  3. Contract and expectations

  4. Go over homework expectations

  5. What is the subconscious mind?

  6. Meditation introduction

  7. Go over goals and intentions

    1. Set the intention that the subconscious bring forth what it deems most important for us to know and address

  8. Questions and answers on both ends.



Session 2 and 3: Manifestation 1 & 2: You are the creator of your reality. We’ll look at the science and energetics behind how.


  1.  Basics (session 1, week 2)

    1. Visualization

    2. energy

    3. brain waves

    4. meditation

    5. presence

    6. tests

    7. expanders

    8. magic dark

    9. pings and intuition

    10. self-worth, gratitude as the secret sauce



  1. The Quantum Physics of It All (session 2, week 4)  -- 2 hours

    1. What is the quantum?

    2. How to access the quantum

      1. The fifth dimension & dimensionality 

    3. Utilization of the quantum to manifest

    4. Overcoming the old self

    5. The power of intention

    6. Elevated Emotions as the Key

      1. Inverse emotions

      2. Heart/brain coherence

    7. The importance of meditation


*following completion of manifestation 1&2 you will have access to the Monthly Manifestation Circles


Sessions 4 & 5: Inner Journey 1 & 2 – going within.


  1. Session 4, week 6: Meeting the Higher-Self, Universal Path (testing future potentials)

    1. How to ground

    2. Visit and experience potential futures – experience future YOUs

    3. Meet the highest part of yourself, the wise, unconditionally loving, evolved, divine part and receive guidance, insight and answers. 



  • Session 5, week 7: Past life, Ultra Height, opportunity for subconscious questioning

    1. Freeing the mind and accessing subconscious information and memory

    2. Experience past lives that the subconscious wants you to recall and learn from

    3. Opportunity to ask the SM for information and insight


Session 6, week 9: Self-hypnosis / How to meditate effectively + enhancing the practice


  1. The difference between meditation and self-hypnosis

  2. Making it sacred

  3. The art of surrendering

  4. Entering the void

  5. Convergent and divergent focus

  6. Trance

  7. Brain waves

  8. Practicing meditation // crash course in hypnotic script writing for self-use



Session 7, week 10: Chakras, Activating the Heart & Using the Breath


  1. Introduction to Chakras / Energy Centers 

  2. Meditation to open the heart and connect to elevated emotions

  3. Feel and understand the energy of the heart

  4. Learning how to use the breath to move energy

    1. Using the breath and the eyes to focus energy

  5. Activating the pineal gland



Session 8, week 12: Inner Journey 3 – Pleiadian Lightwork / Reiki Energy Work (in person or virtual)


  1. What is Pleiadian Lightwork?

  2. Grounding

  3. Aura cleansing and strengthening

  4. Boundary setting

  5. Receiving and cycling energy



Session 9, week 13: Closure // Meeting the ETs & IDs & Light Beings


 Expansion of the mind through learning about and forging connection with benevolent extraterrestrials, inter & extra dimensional light beings


  1. Set the intention for this session to be an activation

    1. Who are they?

    2. The difference between ETs, EDs, guides, ancestors, angels, archangels etc.

    3. Multidimensionality

    4. How to meet them

    5. Boundaries to set

    6. Asking for activations, downloads and upgrades

    7. Guided meditation to call in the higher frequencies



Course: $1,600

Weekly Virtual Support: $300

Master Resource List: $100


Total: $2,000

*Final price includes access to me via text during the week to answer any questions, give advice or be a sacred witness to anything coming up throughout the process, in addition to a Master Resource List of books, shows, workshops etc. that I have found to be the most expanding, impactful and educationally potent.

Let's do this.

Talk to you soon xx

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