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Dark Nights and Bright Lights

Sharing with permission from one of my lovely clients. And yes, this did make me cry when I received it.

"Soul Magic appreciation story time. Basically my anxiety has been really bad this week and I hit rock bottom the other night and got very depressed and had a breakdown.. very low and dark night for me. I’ve been pushing through the emotions the past couple days. And I’ve also been dealing with some family issues and been so stressed about that. So today I did my card readings. Tarot and both oracles. They kept saying you’re going to be okay, you’re going to find your person and you’re going to just be in pure happiness and contentment with life itself. And then I got a card that said “you and your family are safe”. Like such a clear direct message.

And then I got a strong urge to take my dog for a walk because I remembered you telling me after the reiki sessions something was saying I had to get outside and be with nature. So we were on a walk/run. And I just got so emotional for no reason thinking about my low night and out of nowhere a deer just walked from the woods. And to me whenever I see a deer that’s how I envision my grandpa kinda as his afterlife and whenever he wants to send me a message. And I was just tearing up and knew it was him telling me it’ll be okay. And I thanked him. And then out walked a little baby deer. It was crazy because my dog didn’t see them and she normally would have been flipping out. And We just stood there and I just watched them and they disappeared but I felt so relieved and... okay.

I came back to my house and right as I walked in my mom out of nowhere told me my grandma (his wife) just sold her house for more than the asking price and got herself a townhouse and is doing good - something she’s been working on for YEARS. It was just such a coincidence but between the oracle card and the deer it felt like a sign. And my mood was just lifted after I got back from the walk and I knew everything was going to be ok.

BUT if you hadn’t had told me that I’m at my best when I’m outside in nature I wouldn’t have done it and wouldn’t feel so much better about life right now. And telling me to embrace my intuition and pick up on all of these signs I wouldn’t be understanding any of this. Just wanted to let you know you’ve impacted my life more than ya know because I’d still be with my ex. I wouldn’t be choosing myself. And I would still be at my old job and an even hotter mess than I am now so keep doing what you do best."

The path is never straight and narrow. There are ups, downs and rock bottoms. But choosing to do the work, to apply the tools and techniques, and observe the shifts is how you change your entire life into one of fulfillment, curiosity, and purpose. It can be absolutely terrifying! Quitting your job, or ending a relationship that doesn't feel right anymore. Absolutely terrifying. But the space you create by eliminating that which is no longer in alignment, that which is no longer serving your greatest and highest good, ends up being filled with nothing but beauty. It's how we become magnetic to that which we truly deserve. And then even in the darkest nights of the soul, you are so much more easily able to see the light, to see the lessons, to see the changes.

Hearing stories like this make my heart sing and my eyes leak with love. They let me know I that all those scary decisions I've made the last couple years were absolutely worth it. That I am serving my purpose.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. There is magic all around us, if we choose to see it.

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