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Hey. Happy Saturday.

Diving right on in here.

One of the major goals I intend to accomplish in this lifetime through Soul Magic is to magnetize a community of likeminded, empowered individuals to consciously create reality together and raise the vibration of this planet.

It is my personal mission to “turn lights on all over the globe”— to wake as many people up as I possibly can to their innate power as an eternal creator being, and I’ve been seeing that goal slowly moving into fruition through the current clients I have right now, and our virtual monthly Soul Circles.

Originally, the only people who had access to these circles were those who have gone through some of the Soul Magic trainings, but it just hit me the other day that to really achieve my goal of this kick ass community of incredible humans, why wouldn’t I just open it up to anyone and everyone?

So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

And to make it even BETTER—the circles are going to be held WEEKLY-- every Tuesday (because Tuesdays suck and needed a little magic) from 7:00-8:30pm.

Yep, a full hour and a half.

I can’t even express how excited I am.

We’re going to cover so much material and experience so many parts of our consciousness we haven’t yet explored.

Every week is going to be different, and will include a mash-up of guided meditation, lecture, discussion, journaling, hypnosis, sharing, and ~fun~.

I’ve already got over 60 topics I want to get into including:

o Elements Of Quantum Manifestation

o The Power Of The Subconscious Mind And How To Access It

o Harnessing The Wisdom Of Emotions & Inverse Emotions

o How To Develop A Prosperity Consciousness

o Healing The Wounded Inner Child

o Entering The Void Through Meditation

o Learning To Love The Shadow Self

o How To Shift Your Thoughts

o Distance Group Healing

o The Non-Locality Of Consciousness

o Manifesting States Of Being

o Draining Physical Pain With The Power Of The Mind

o Creating & Maintaining Boundaries and The Power Of “No”

And so so, so, so, SO much more.

The fact that I will have the opportunity to share the insane amount of knowledge I’ve accumulated in my brain over the last several years of intense study with so many more people lights me all the way up.

I’ve had so many clients and curious followers who want to bring friends into the Soul Magic work or that they want to try themselves but:

a) they’re skeptical

b) it’s out of their budget

c) commitment is scary

This way I feel like I’ve found a way to quell those hesitations.

It’ll be $35 for a 90 minute session, and you’ll be able to bring anyone you want with you.

If you’ve been curious about hypnosis or manifestation or energy work, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the work and begin expanding your consciousness in an affordable and sacred communal way.

Our first session will be on March 16th 7-8:30pm, and we’ll be focusing on The Alchemizing Power of Forgiveness.

We’ll start off by going over what the Shadow Self is, and how detrimental repressed lower vibrational emotions like resentment, grief and hatred are.

We’ll spend some time demystifying hypnosis and going over what to expect if you haven’t experienced it formally yet, and then we’ll roll right into a hypnotic journey to sit down with someone in your life experience that has caused you pain, trauma or suffering and let them HAVE it.

You’ll be able to say and do whatever you wish you could’ve said or done but never did, in a safe and neutral space where they are unable to say or do anything back to you. It feels real, real good.

After releasing all of that repressed energy and emotion and mind-punching your ex square in the nose, we’ll shift into observing their own programming and understanding how their own pain led to their sh*tty actions.

From here, we will move into a higher state of consciousness, where we’ll be able to understand the soul lessons we are meant to learn from that relationship.

We’ll then seep ourselves in the healing energy of forgiveness, cut those unconscious energetic cords, and call that scattered energy back to ourselves in order to begin creating the awesome future we deserve to have.

It’s an incredibly powerful process.

I’ve done it with many of my clients and you will leave feeling lighter, more free, and empowered.

I think that this is a great place to start with these weekly Soul Circles, and I can’t wait for you guys to have this amazing inner experience.

It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be able to facilitate this work.

Having seen the shifts my clients have made over the last two years and the immense healing that’s unfolded, I know that these circles will grow into something I haven’t even dreamed of yet.

We’re all connected for a reason. We’re in each other’s lives and consciousness for a reason. You’re following me and reading my words for a reason.

If you’ve been itching to begin a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, here’s your launch pad.

Email me at, or follow and DM me on instagram at @itssoulmagic to register for the first weekly Soul Circle.

I’m feeling really good about this. I think we’re about to do something awesome here.

I’m sending you big fat juicy waves of intergalactic love, and I can’t wait to see you soon.

xx Kate

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