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Time to let shit GO.

I love the full moon. So much.

Sure, the days leading up might be uncomfortable and emotional and you may want to rip all your clothes off and roll around on the bare earth, but don’t worry that’s totally normal (and I support you fully in following that inclination).

Regardless of the discomfort or energy you’re experiencing, the full moon is the perfect time to pull up all that which no longer serves you like weeds from moist soil to release them once and for all, in order to prepare the fertile womb of your subconscious for the intentions and manifestations to come.

For this full moon, set aside an hour or so of your precious time to perform a releasing ritual.

Like I’ve said before, a ritual is basically a series of actions that activates communication between the Subconscious Mind and the Universe with the intention of bringing a thought or desire into reality.

It’s like supercharging a manifestation though directed action, and in this case your manifestation is to release what’s no longer in alignment with your greatest and highest good.

Set up your alter (if you aren't sure how to do that, check out this instagram post) and after you’ve blessed your sacred space, enter into a meditative state with the strong intention that you will uncover and recognize everything and anything in your life that is no longer working for you, and trust whatever comes up.

This can get uncomfortable, but I ask that you trust the process understanding that your subconscious is showing you whatever comes up for a reason.

People, relationships, beliefs, habits, outfits, patterns, thoughts may come flying through your mind.

Summon the audacity to be deeply honest with yourself here.

Your ego may try to make excuses or doubt what’s coming up, but TRUST it. Transformation takes courage, don’t forget.

Once you've been in meditation for a while and you're really feeling all of the yuckiness that you’ve been holding onto, it’s time to write it all down.

Grab your trusty journal, and just start listing out what it is that you are intending to release.

Once you’ve finished your list, I want you to pull forth some love and gratitude for what has been written before you.

At some point in time, every single one of those things has served you in one way or another—at some point in time every single one of those things has taught you valuable lessons about yourself and life, so feel it. Do your best to shift your perspective and find the good in the "bad".

It’s finally time to let it all go to make space for all the beauty that is already on its way to you.

And now for all my arsonists (woot woot), it’s time to burn that shit!


I don’t want or need any of you coming to me saying, “aw man, Kate. I burned my mom’s living room curtains down because I was trying to release my 28 year old habit of sucking my thumb”.

No. Wrong. Don’t want to hear it. For multiple reasons.

Go somewhere safe, I usually get an old bucket and go outside or in the bathroom with the fan on and door closed, fold up your list, and with a heart full of gratitude, relief, and love, light it on fire and let it BURN knowing Mother Moon is absorbing and transmuting that energy for you.

It’s okay if you get a little teary or feel some strong energies, this is totally normal and ~yoUr fEeLinGs aRe vALid~ (they really are).

Once it’s all burned to nothing but ashes, sit for a moment and thank yourself for having the bravery to be self-aware and feel the excitement for the space you have just created in your life.

For the next few days honor any emotions, memories, or thoughts that are coming up, anything uncomfortable is transitory and is coming up to be released so just be gentle with yourself, and please drink plenty of water.

Get ready for all the good that is to come, and if you have any questions at all just reach out, and Happy Full Moon, kids.

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