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I know. It seems crazy. I might seem crazy. Only crazy people talk about UFOs and aliens, right?

About a year and a half ago I probably would’ve agreed with that statement. But then, things changed...

In January 2020, a wonderful friend of mine invited me to go to a workshop at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York.

When we looked at the workshops that were being offered that particular weekend, our options were: a) Awakening and Inner Healing Through Art and b) Extraterrestrials and Consciousness.

At this point in time I had not even an inkling of interest in the world of intergalactic relations. I remember thinking, can we PLEASE go to option A. But my dear friend had her heart set on the ET workshop, so I hesitantly obliged and bought my ticket.

Now, as a bit of a sidebar, for those of you who are familiar with “angel numbers”, my number is 34. It holds a very special and significant place in my life and has been guiding me relentlessly for the last 6 years. Whenever I see it, I know I’m heading in the right direction.

On my way down to the workshop, along the route I saw the number 34 so many times I couldn’t even believe it.

I remember laughing and saying out loud, “Okay! I get it! And I’m very curious why I’m meant to go to this workshop…”

We finally got to CoSM, and when we went to take our seats, the outlet on the wall right next to us had a 34 taped on it. At this point I’m like alright. Something cool is about to happen.

Then, Alan Steinfeld— producer, interviewer, explorer of consciousness and extraterrestrial life advocate— took to the mic.

He started sharing footage of the National Press Club from 2001, where government officials and ex-military personnel offered first-hand testimony of experiences, evidence, sightings, and cover-ups regarding extraterrestrial life.

You can go ahead and google this… it’s truly remarkable how little attention was paid to this explosive hearing.

From that point, having seen the testimony and the truth behind it all, I was hooked. I needed to know more. I needed to know everything. It hit me that ETs and UFOs aren’t just science fiction, they are actual people that are very much aware of us and have been visiting this planet for eons.

Soon after, it was like there was something guiding me deep into this Alien World. Book after book, video after video, interview after interview… my mind was being expanded and blown constantly.

I finally ended up stumbling into Dr. Steven Greer and his incredible work around disclosure.

Dr. Greer is the founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC. He’s also been the person responsible for briefing every president since Clinton on ET relations.

The aim of the Disclosure Project and Dr. Greer’s work is to let the civilian population know what the government and military complexes have known for decades regarding ET life, so that we can circumvent their fear-based narrative of a "global threat" and facilitate peaceful contact on our own with these intergalactic peoples.

I watched all of his documentaries and every interview or episode I could lay my eyes on. (I HIGHLY recommend watching the documentaries: Sirius, Unacknowledged, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind and soon to come: Cosmic Hoax: an Expose)

By this point I felt like I was living in an entirely different reality. It was like I broke through a wall no one knew was there. And then I began having experiences that were as startling as they were isolating.

I began having telepathic communication where I had several different entities introduce themselves and give me information and predictions that ended up coming true about my personal life and the world at large— including Covid 19.

I was having powerful energetic experiences in my meditations and when I was trying to fall asleep. I’d see lights and orbs and shadows in my room, I’d hear high pitched ringing sounds, flutterings, different tones in my ears. I would have my limbs randomly rise and fall as if an invisible force was lifting them. I’d feel electricity shooting through my body to the point it would convulse and shake.

But all along I never felt anything but love and connection. Any fear that I had dissolved away. It was such a strange and unexpected sense of peace. Like on some very deep level I knew exactly what was happening and who was facilitating these experiences.

I couldn’t help but crave more. I wanted to see them… I wanted to touch them. By this point I had a strong telepathic connection to these beings and they would tell me it wasn’t time, I wasn’t ready, there was more I needed to learn.

This was frustrating. I just wanted proof… I wanted to be able to go to my friends and family with absolute evidence and be like THIS is what I’ve been going through and it’s as real as anything else in this observable reality.

Mind you, during all of this I really had no one to share all of this with in great detail or who would fully understand. I’d share bits and pieces here and there but I was met with some blank stares and an eagerness to move the conversation forward. I felt very alone.

A few times I felt like I was totally losing it. Am I going crazy? Is any of this real?

That is until one night when I finally made visible contact.

It was the night before my 26th birthday. April 25th, 2020. Dr. Greer’s latest documentary “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind” had finally been released and I begged my roommate to watch it with me for my birthday.

The documentary is chalk-full of powerful and undeniable video evidence, witness testimony, and a protocol to initiate peaceful contact with extraterrestrial/trans-dimensional beings.

A partially materialized ET craft at a CE-5 event in France, 2011

I couldn’t stop crying! THIS is how I would see them!

The movie ended just before midnight. I was in a state of bliss, excitement and eagerness.

I took Louie for a walk, but before I made it outside I paused in the stairwell and quickly did the CE-5 protocol. With a full heart and a clear mind, I showed them exactly where I was on planet Earth, and asked any benevolent beings that would like to connect with me to do so in a way that was undeniable, visible and safe for them.

I got walking, gazing up at the sky, waiting for something to happen. At one point I paused in the street and was staring up past a street light when I saw a white glowing dot beyond it.

You know how sometimes when you stare at a bright light for too long you get spots in your vision? That’s what I thought it was. So I shifted my eyes to the right, staring at a dark part of the night sky, when all of a sudden that white glowing spot slowly moved right into my field of vision.

I remember saying out loud “… is that, you?”

And before I could even finish the thought, this glowing dot— which looked like a white, holographic bean— zig-zagged quickly at sharp angles. I gasped. It was them.

I stood in the street with warm tears pouring down my cheeks, as I watched this holographic craft fly in a full 360 around the sky, turning with it in awe. The love and connection I felt was profound.

It really sunk in that there were people in that craft, and that they were connected to me. That they responded to me. To my thoughts. They were aware of ME.

I stood there until Louie yanked on the leash I stumbled, and when I looked back up they had vanished. I rushed back inside and was met with my lovely roommate singing happy birthday until I interrupted her, “I JUST MADE CONTACT!!!”

I knew our connection was still viable and that I could request more from them. I told them I needed proof. Something. ANYTHING that I could show other people.

I set up a chair by my kitchen window, set up my phone on video, and began telepathically calling out to them again.

About ten minutes later, far in the distant dark sky, was a BRIGHT flash.

I gasped.

“Another one, do another one”



“One more, please, one more.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

I knew I had gotten it on film. When I finally watched the footage back, something odd happened where the video seemed to skip ahead every time I hit play. I realized, where the video started was where the brightest flash was visible. I took a screen shot, and zoomed all the way in and this is what I found:

A perfect energy grid.

From the CE-5 app:

I’ve since shared the video and image many times, and there is truly no

explanation other than our extremely technologically evolved cosmic cousins produced an energetic phenomenon for me to share.

That experience took place over a year ago. Since then I’ve had many contact experiences and my knowledge and understanding has increased exponentially.

It’s time that we all wake up to who and what is really out there. There is so much more than you’ve been told, and such incredible experiences waiting for you.

So that, is why I’m always posting about ETs and UFOs and disclosure. I want you to experience what I experience. It’s precious, it’s powerful, it’s a taste of what’s to come, and I want you to fully grasp the fact that there is no need for fear. There is no intergalactic threat.

These beings are so highly advanced, by thousands if not millions or billions of years ahead of us, that if they wanted to invade and destroy us they would've done it thousands of years ago and it would take a blink of the eye to do it.

They are here to assist humanity, to show us the ways of free energy and evolved consciousness so that we can take a quantum leap in our existence into a world where there is no poverty, no suffering, no war, and no environmental destruction.

The narrative the government has been and will continue to push is that we are in danger, that we must protect our planet from some cosmic threat and that we must form a global government to do so.

This is why education and utilizing the CE-5 protocol is so important. Stand in your power, stand in love and unity and form your own relationships with these wonderful beings.

The next Soul Circle on 6/8 at 7-8:30pm eastern, will be dedicated once again to this topic.

I’m offering it for free, as I want anyone and everyone who is interested to attend. I’ll be sharing more stories, and discussing more of who these beings are, and how to facilitate contact with them so that you can do it on your own and have your own unbelievable stories to tell. You can register for free here.

Thank you for reading.

xx Kate

This week’s Soul Circle will be based on Past Life Regression so I figured I’d take some time to share one of my experiences with the technique.

Before I get into that though I want to explain what past life regression is and why it’s therapeutic.

Beware—you may have some of your beliefs challenged, but that’s what I’m here for.

The belief system that I and many others operate with is based around the concept that we are eternal spiritual beings, constantly reincarnating as a fragment of God/Source/Spirit in order to learn about and experience existence from all possible perspectives.

The soul that exists within the current personality reading these words has been in existence from the beginning of time, and death is merely a transition from one opportunity of growth and learning to another.

This means that your soul has lived many, many, many lifetimes.

The thing with an incarnation on Earth though, is that when we incarnate here, our memories of our past lives are typically wiped clean in order to give us a fresh start in this “Earth School” as Dolores Cannon, the world’s best regression hypnotist (and my idol) refers to it as.

Of all the literature, channelings, and transcriptions of regression sessions of participants in a somnambulistic state that I’ve read, it’s clear that this aspect of Earth incarnation is unique to the planet.

Although we consciously forget these past incarnations, the ever powerful Subconscious Mind (soul) never forgets, and can carry over traumas, pain, and cellular memories into this lifetime.

What this means, and why past life regression can be so incredibly powerful and therapeutic, is that there may be challenging aspects or patterns of this current lifetime that do NOT originate from this incarnation, but from another one deep in the history of your soul.

When we tap into the Subconscious Mind through the hypnotic process, we are able to relive past lives that hold information that can help us heal and move forward in this lifetime. I won't get into the non-linearity of time here, but just know that as you affect the past, you affect the present and future as well.

Here’s one example of the power of past life regression…

Since 8th grade I have always had painful ganglion cysts in my right wrist. I’ve had surgery on it 3 times, and every time they come back.

The last time I had surgery, the surgeon told me afterwards that there were 12 or more little cysts in my tiny wrist cavity and he had no explanation as to why this was happening.

Within months of the surgery I could feel the pain of another cyst forming and my wrist had weakened substantially. I went back to the doctor and he told me that they would need to clear the cavity out again, and essentially shatter the bones in my hand and wrist and rebuild them so that my wrist would lose much of the flexibility that was causing pain and allowing these cysts to form.

I thought, “okaaaaay absolutely NOT. There must be another way.”

Enter: past life regression.

I ended up doing a session specifically around this wrist problem. When I arrived in the lifetime, I found myself as a very poor beggar girl in the 1500s. I was malnourished, dressed in rags and had a small child I needed to care for. We were starving.

To feed my hungry child, I ended up stealing a loaf of bread from a bakery and got caught.

To punish me for being a thief, they ended up chopping off my right hand. This trauma was imprinted deep in the Subconscious Mind, or soul, and was playing out in my current life experience as cysts in my wrist and terrible pain as an unconscious reminder of what had transpired.*

(*note, Dolores Cannon and Louise Hay have both noted through their work that when there is an injury, disease, etc. on the RIGHT side of the body, the energetic origination is from very early childhood or a past lifetime.)

In the regression, I was able to have a conversation with this version of me and let her know that I was so sorry for what she had gone through, but that I didn’t need to carry her pain with me into this lifetime. I helped her heal and gave her plenty of money and food to take care of her and her child.

The relief I felt was nearly overwhelming.

Following that session I have never, ever, EVER had ANY pain in my wrist. It’s strong, flexible and no trace of a cyst since.

This is just one small example of the profound healing nature of past life regressions.

Painful relationships, physical dis-eases, phobias, and mental illnesses many times can be traced back to a past life experience, especially when there is no logical explanation for them in this current lifetime.

The Soul Circle session will be a “light” version of a past life regression, in that it will be a silent inner journey as opposed to a full session where we directly converse with the entity in the past lifetime and eventually the Subconscious Mind itself to understand why it chose to show that lifetime to be experienced by the current personality.

Regardless, it will be extremely powerful and will give you answers to questions you have never been able to solve.

If you’re feeling called to do a full session, by all means email me at and we will set it up.

Either way, I hope to see you at Soul Circle Tuesday 4/27 at 7-8:30pm. It’s $35 a head, and you really can’t beat that for a PLR!

Sending so much love and I’ll see you soon.

xx Kate

Hey. Happy Saturday.

Diving right on in here.

One of the major goals I intend to accomplish in this lifetime through Soul Magic is to magnetize a community of likeminded, empowered individuals to consciously create reality together and raise the vibration of this planet.

It is my personal mission to “turn lights on all over the globe”— to wake as many people up as I possibly can to their innate power as an eternal creator being, and I’ve been seeing that goal slowly moving into fruition through the current clients I have right now, and our virtual monthly Soul Circles.

Originally, the only people who had access to these circles were those who have gone through some of the Soul Magic trainings, but it just hit me the other day that to really achieve my goal of this kick ass community of incredible humans, why wouldn’t I just open it up to anyone and everyone?

So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

And to make it even BETTER—the circles are going to be held WEEKLY-- every Tuesday (because Tuesdays suck and needed a little magic) from 7:00-8:30pm.

Yep, a full hour and a half.

I can’t even express how excited I am.

We’re going to cover so much material and experience so many parts of our consciousness we haven’t yet explored.

Every week is going to be different, and will include a mash-up of guided meditation, lecture, discussion, journaling, hypnosis, sharing, and ~fun~.

I’ve already got over 60 topics I want to get into including:

o Elements Of Quantum Manifestation

o The Power Of The Subconscious Mind And How To Access It

o Harnessing The Wisdom Of Emotions & Inverse Emotions

o How To Develop A Prosperity Consciousness

o Healing The Wounded Inner Child

o Entering The Void Through Meditation

o Learning To Love The Shadow Self

o How To Shift Your Thoughts

o Distance Group Healing

o The Non-Locality Of Consciousness

o Manifesting States Of Being

o Draining Physical Pain With The Power Of The Mind

o Creating & Maintaining Boundaries and The Power Of “No”

And so so, so, so, SO much more.

The fact that I will have the opportunity to share the insane amount of knowledge I’ve accumulated in my brain over the last several years of intense study with so many more people lights me all the way up.

I’ve had so many clients and curious followers who want to bring friends into the Soul Magic work or that they want to try themselves but:

a) they’re skeptical

b) it’s out of their budget

c) commitment is scary

This way I feel like I’ve found a way to quell those hesitations.

It’ll be $35 for a 90 minute session, and you’ll be able to bring anyone you want with you.

If you’ve been curious about hypnosis or manifestation or energy work, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the work and begin expanding your consciousness in an affordable and sacred communal way.

Our first session will be on March 16th 7-8:30pm, and we’ll be focusing on The Alchemizing Power of Forgiveness.

We’ll start off by going over what the Shadow Self is, and how detrimental repressed lower vibrational emotions like resentment, grief and hatred are.

We’ll spend some time demystifying hypnosis and going over what to expect if you haven’t experienced it formally yet, and then we’ll roll right into a hypnotic journey to sit down with someone in your life experience that has caused you pain, trauma or suffering and let them HAVE it.

You’ll be able to say and do whatever you wish you could’ve said or done but never did, in a safe and neutral space where they are unable to say or do anything back to you. It feels real, real good.

After releasing all of that repressed energy and emotion and mind-punching your ex square in the nose, we’ll shift into observing their own programming and understanding how their own pain led to their sh*tty actions.

From here, we will move into a higher state of consciousness, where we’ll be able to understand the soul lessons we are meant to learn from that relationship.

We’ll then seep ourselves in the healing energy of forgiveness, cut those unconscious energetic cords, and call that scattered energy back to ourselves in order to begin creating the awesome future we deserve to have.

It’s an incredibly powerful process.

I’ve done it with many of my clients and you will leave feeling lighter, more free, and empowered.

I think that this is a great place to start with these weekly Soul Circles, and I can’t wait for you guys to have this amazing inner experience.

It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be able to facilitate this work.

Having seen the shifts my clients have made over the last two years and the immense healing that’s unfolded, I know that these circles will grow into something I haven’t even dreamed of yet.

We’re all connected for a reason. We’re in each other’s lives and consciousness for a reason. You’re following me and reading my words for a reason.

If you’ve been itching to begin a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery, here’s your launch pad.

Email me at, or follow and DM me on instagram at @itssoulmagic to register for the first weekly Soul Circle.

I’m feeling really good about this. I think we’re about to do something awesome here.

I’m sending you big fat juicy waves of intergalactic love, and I can’t wait to see you soon.

xx Kate

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