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Time to let shit GO.

I love the full moon. So much.

Sure, the days leading up might be uncomfortable and emotional and you may want to rip all your clothes off and roll around on the bare earth, but don’t worry that’s totally normal (and I support you fully in following that inclination).

Regardless of the discomfort or energy you’re experiencing, the full moon is the perfect time to pull up all that which no longer serves you like weeds from moist soil to release them once and for all, in order to prepare the fertile womb of your subconscious for the intentions and manifestations to come.

For this full moon, set aside an hour or so of your precious time to perform a releasing ritual.

Like I’ve said before, a ritual is basically a series of actions that activates communication between the Subconscious Mind and the Universe with the intention of bringing a thought or desire into reality.

It’s like supercharging a manifestation though directed action, and in this case your manifestation is to release what’s no longer in alignment with your greatest and highest good.

Set up your alter (if you aren't sure how to do that, check out this instagram post) and after you’ve blessed your sacred space, enter into a meditative state with the strong intention that you will uncover and recognize everything and anything in your life that is no longer working for you, and trust whatever comes up.

This can get uncomfortable, but I ask that you trust the process understanding that your subconscious is showing you whatever comes up for a reason.

People, relationships, beliefs, habits, outfits, patterns, thoughts may come flying through your mind.

Summon the audacity to be deeply honest with yourself here.

Your ego may try to make excuses or doubt what’s coming up, but TRUST it. Transformation takes courage, don’t forget.

Once you've been in meditation for a while and you're really feeling all of the yuckiness that you’ve been holding onto, it’s time to write it all down.

Grab your trusty journal, and just start listing out what it is that you are intending to release.

Once you’ve finished your list, I want you to pull forth some love and gratitude for what has been written before you.

At some point in time, every single one of those things has served you in one way or another—at some point in time every single one of those things has taught you valuable lessons about yourself and life, so feel it. Do your best to shift your perspective and find the good in the "bad".

It’s finally time to let it all go to make space for all the beauty that is already on its way to you.

And now for all my arsonists (woot woot), it’s time to burn that shit!


I don’t want or need any of you coming to me saying, “aw man, Kate. I burned my mom’s living room curtains down because I was trying to release my 28 year old habit of sucking my thumb”.

No. Wrong. Don’t want to hear it. For multiple reasons.

Go somewhere safe, I usually get an old bucket and go outside or in the bathroom with the fan on and door closed, fold up your list, and with a heart full of gratitude, relief, and love, light it on fire and let it BURN knowing Mother Moon is absorbing and transmuting that energy for you.

It’s okay if you get a little teary or feel some strong energies, this is totally normal and ~yoUr fEeLinGs aRe vALid~ (they really are).

Once it’s all burned to nothing but ashes, sit for a moment and thank yourself for having the bravery to be self-aware and feel the excitement for the space you have just created in your life.

For the next few days honor any emotions, memories, or thoughts that are coming up, anything uncomfortable is transitory and is coming up to be released so just be gentle with yourself, and please drink plenty of water.

Get ready for all the good that is to come, and if you have any questions at all just reach out, and Happy Full Moon, kids.

*Trigger Warning* : Sensitive Mental Health Topics

Today was a tough day.

Most of my days are great days, but some days, like today, lower vibrational emotions come up… doubts come up, fears come up, disbelief comes up, and I’ve learned at this point that days like these truly are part of the process of healing, manifesting, and becoming my ideal self. No one said it would be easy.

I’ve also learned, and am still learning and will probably forever be learning, how to manage these darker days. But it got me thinking back to when my mental health was totally in the shitter and I wanted to talk about it.

I used to be an incredibly anxious and depressed person. For those of you that know me or follow me, that may come as a bit of a surprise, because I am such a joyful life-loving individual now (98% of the time anyways :) ).

I know that so many of us these days are struggling with our mental health, and I feel very strongly that in order to remove the stigma around mental health struggles we need to talk about them more openly. We aren’t alone in the fight.

And I’ll say it right now, if you ever need someone to talk to, please never hesitate to reach out. I am here to support you in whatever ways I can, and asking for help when you need it is one of the most courageous and respectable things I feel you could ever do.

But in full transparency, I used to suffer from panic attacks that were absolutely debilitating. I used to suffer from depression to the point where I would fantasize about deliberately crashing my car just to escape the way I was feeling. And I’m so sorry if that is triggering for any of you, but it’s my truth and I want to share it because I know I am not alone when it comes to having dark thoughts.

I remember collapsing and laying on the floor in my college apartment during one particularly terrible episode.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think.

My nervous system was overwhelmed and it was shutting down.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

In that moment I felt like I had no control over my body, my mind, or my emotions. I was totally helpless and had no clear path out of it. It was like I was a prisoner in my own skin.

Looking back on it now, it feels like a dream. That version of me feels so far away vibrationally it’s hard to believe we shared the same body. But that darkness has truly been the greatest catalyst and motivator in my life, and if you have been or are currently going through the darkness, it's for a reason.

Rock-bottoms are a blessing. Every single one, every single time.

Of course it won’t feel like that when you’re in it, but I’ve learned that rock bottoms are your SOUL’S way of recalibrating you when you’ve failed to notice or act on your lack of alignment to your life’s purpose.

Let’s look at the whole “karma/dharma” situation for a second.

Dharma is your soul’s purpose in life. Karma is what happens when you stray too far from your Dharma.

The soul will utilize Miss Karma to deliver you gentle nudges at first, maybe in the form of an unexpected warning thought, a lower vibrational emotion like frustration, or an uncomfortable situation—something to bring your attention to the fact that something is off.

If you fail to notice those gentle nudges, she’ll push a little bit harder.

She’ll have you fuck up royally at that job you keep saying you hate. She’ll cause a massive fight in that relationship you said you were going to get out of. She’ll have you lose all of that money you were so scared to lose.

And if you fail to notice those massive signposts that say in all caps, “YOU ARE NOT IN ALIGNMENT, TURN BACK NOW”…. Guess what!?

It’s gonna get even worse!

That’s how karma works.

Enter: R O C K - B O T T O M

This is where everything falls apart.


You’re fired from your job, your significant other cheats on you, you break your arm, and someone keys your car. All in the same week.

Now sweet human, Miss Karma didn’t do these things to be mean or malicious. She did it because of how much she loves you, and how much potential she sees in you. She’s been sending you very gentle warning signs for quite a while, you just haven’t noticed them. So she had to get louder and louder and louder until she’s shrieking in your face with a megaphone and you’re practically deaf.

You were too far out of alignment from your dharma, your life’s purpose, and now you’re at rock-bottom. You’re angry, you’re lost, you’re sad… you can’t seem to figure out why the universe hates you so much.

Here’s the good thing about rock-bottoms…….. you’re at the bottom. The only way to go is up.

And when you’re lying there on the dirty, sticky floor that is rock-bottom, looking at the fiery mess that once was your life still smoldering all around you, you have two options:

a) You can lay there, never get up and choose to die, reincarnate and go through it all again until you learn your lessons or

b) You can surrender to the higher power trying it’s very best to communicate with you and be curious what about that life you were living was so out of alignment, and what true alignment IS for you

When I look back at what was going on in my life at the time of that dark night of the soul a few years ago, it’s so glaringly obvious how mal-aligned I really was to my life's purpose, which is what I’m doing now with Soul Magic.

I was in college for a major I didn’t care about or even like at all, working a job I couldn’t stand, I was seeing a guy who treated me like actual leaky garbage, I was filling my body with booze and weed and nutritionally absent foods and I was spending my free time with people that reinforced my terrible habits.

Of course I had to end up at rock-bottom.

I had forgotten who I was.

I had no love for myself.

I had gone so off course and had missed so many karmic red flags, that my Soul, my Self, had no other option but to make all of it ignite, explode, and burn.

But that rock-bottom finally got me to wake up. Self knew what it was doing. I had finally reached my breaking point.

I didn’t want to die, and I sure as hell didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling any longer. It was finally time to ask for help.

I ended up seeing a psychiatrist, was clinically diagnosed and given an antidepressant.

Once the clouds started to clear a bit, I was able to see how everything in that life I was living was simply wrong and I began to understand why everything had to fall apart.

I stopped seeing that guy, I took up a fine arts minor, I started working on my body and I committed to always chasing what makes me feel good.

That rock-bottom is what sparked the entire magnificent inner journey that has led me to where I am today.

From that point on so much more changed that I obviously can’t fit in here, and it’s been a “5 steps forward 2 steps back” kind of path, but I now have a deep honor and respect for dark days and dense emotions and I have learned so much that I now have the sacred privilege of sharing with my clients.

When I encounter a tough day or I’m feeling some sort of lower vibrational emotion like frustration or agitation, I now KNOW that there is something for me to become aware of that I haven’t yet.

I know there is something to learn, that there is something for me to alchemize.

Dark days and dense emotions are a signpost for me to recalibrate on my own before Miss Karma does it for me.

How do I recalibrate on my own?

After much trial and error and futile arguments from my formerly restless ego, I’ve got a nice formula I can now follow.

I do still occasionally have to battle the ego but I now know that whenever I sit my ass down and meditate, everything shifts. Whenever I move my energy to focus on a high vibrational book or teaching, everything shifts.

I know that sounds simple but it is. The hardest part is actually doing it. How many times have you forced yourself to sit down and meditate when you're in a bad mood? Hm?

Meditation has become the most important aspect of my life.

It’s where I go to learn, to cleanse, to grow, to gather information and where I go to create.

And I know that if you’ve never meditated before this can sound like a daunting or unrealistic path, or maybe you’re rolling your eyes thinking about how everyone and their mother says to meditate to fix all your problems, but trust me... I used to be a never-meditator. If I can do it, you can do it, and I am right here just WAITING to hold your hand through the process because it really and truly will fix just about anything.

The keys to life exist inside yourself. You can quote me on that.

Every time you enter into your inner world through an altered brainwave state, whether that be through meditation or hypnosis, you are able to access the vast wisdom of the subconscious mind. That is where the keys lay “hidden”, covered by the dirt and debris that is the limited conscious mind.

The more time and energy you spend focusing on your external environment and bitching about how the world is out to get you, though, the more separation you’ll perceive from your true essence which is Source, of course.

The more time you spend focusing on the cruddiness of your external environment, the more you will resonate with a victim-mentality. The more you resonate with a victim-mentality, the more your external reality will shift to match that resonance of victimhood through the Law of Attraction, thus rendering more and more self-fulfilled-prophetic-nightmares into your waking life.

However, when you shut off your external environment with a blindfold and some headphones, and when you overcome the protests of the body and the ego and force yourself (at first) to sit in meditation with an intention to learn or understand what lessons you’ve been missing, everything will make sense.

I’m going to do another blog at some point all based on the power of intention but for now all you need to know is that when you lay a clear intention on a meditation before you start, the subconscious mind will receive that intention as an “order” and will fulfill it for you during the meditation.

I know that this is a lot to ask for a lot of you who may not be too familiar with meditation or the other spiritual/esoteric practices I preach, so if that’s you, or even if you are familiar and just want to expand your practice into new levels, reach out. I am currently open for 1:1 sessions.

And if you’re really looking for a massive overhaul of your entire mind and life I highly suggest looking into the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive. Check out the link to see if it feels like the right fit for you.

Learning how to make the tough days not so tough through the simple curiosity of how I’ve drifted off course has been a tremendous gift that I’ve given myself.

I look back at that anxious, lost, depressed version of myself and I send her so much love, compassion and guidance.

I’ve been antidepressant-free for many years now, I love who I am through and through (which feels SO good to say) and I am fulfilled every single day by following my Dharma with an open heart and an open mind.

I know what that past version of Kate was going through wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t be here writing this blog post right now if it weren’t for her.

I hope that this post was mildly inspiring or even just engaging. I am intending to do my best to be honest and transparent with you guys from this point forward and not sugarcoat the shit we have to go through in our true spiritual journey and self evolution. My only wish is to serve, and if sharing my most vulnerable parts serves even one person, I’m living my Dharma.

The last thought I’ll leave you with is this: I want you to think about the fact that your future self is sitting somewhere cheering you on, just like I am now with my old self. They adore you. They are so proud of you. And they are just waiting for you to do the inner work and become them.

Sending you strength, courage, and enough love to clear away any leaky garbage stains,

xx Kate

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Hey, hey, hey, you beautiful Soul Magician.

I think I’m going to start blogging more so I figured I’d start here.

If you’re familiar with the Soul Magic logo, you’ve probably seen the tagline, “Expand Your Self”.

No, that’s not a typo. Promise.

I specifically chose the phrasing, “Your Self”, and I’ll tell you why.

But before I do, I’m going to give you a quick little breakdown of the three aspects of the human mind.

Yep, there really are 3. We really are that complicated.

So when it comes to the three aspects of the mind, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the conscious mind, and most likely the subconscious mind, but have you heard of the superconscious mind?

That’s where all the real, juicy, delectable stuff is.

Throughout the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive, it’s our intention to work with all three of these minds to shift your reality into your IDEAL reality.

And It. Is. So. Much. Fun.

Alright. Let’s get through the science-y stuff so we’re all on the same page here.

The conscious mind is the 5% of our brain potential that is that voice in your head always chattering away.

It is your objective, or thinking mind. It does it’s best to be logical, analytical, and IT is aware of all the things YOU are presently aware of and thinking about.

It’s what we utilize in our waking lives. Altering this mind is as simple as choosing a new thought to consciously think.

The subconscious mind on the other hand is a bit more complicated…

Imagine an iceberg floating in the sea for a moment.

If the hunk of ice you’re seeing above the water is that 5% conscious mind, then the other 95% of that iceberg resting beneath the surface is the subconscious mind (from now on referred to as SM).

Just like the iceberg, the SM lies below the surface of conscious awareness.

And this bad boy is POWERFUL, as well as a bit trickier to shift than the conscious mind, since it’s beliefs are pretty much hardwired until we begin ripping all those wires out in trance states.

The SM records quite literally every single thing we do and have ever done in this lifetime and beyond.

Although nothing is forgotten by the SM, most of the time this mind stays mostly hidden to our conscious awareness. Yet at the same time, it is heavily influencing how we think, feel and behave in the waking state.

Think of the SM as the data bank of everything that makes you, YOU. It holds and protects all of our beliefs about life.

As we get going with the work in the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive, you’ll learn and understand that our beliefs are what create our reality.

It's not the surface thoughts of the conscious mind necessarily… but the deep seated beliefs of the SM.

If the SM doesn't buy it, nothing's changing.

Think of it as our software program that we’re operating with... If you try to get a software program to complete a task that it hasn't been programmed for, it simply won't do it.

Go ahead, you can think yourself blue in the face with the conscious mind about manifesting a yacht out of thin air, but unless the SM isn't fully persuaded to BELIEVE that you will in fact receive that yacht and that you are worthy of it, you'll be stuck with the crusty old dingy.

When we go into altered brainwave states, however, and slow our brainwaves way down into alpha or theta, we are able to bypass the barrier between the conscious and SM called the “critical faculty” or “analytical mind”.

Once we slip into that SM, we are able to access root causes to every pattern in our lives as well as any unwanted or limiting beliefs so that we can REPROGRAM THEM. (Like that cruddy belief that you don't deserve a yacht!)

Guess what happens when you reprogram your beliefs?


How do we know what we want to reprogram the SM with, though? How do we figure out what we really want and what we’re meant to do and experience in this precious lifetime?

The answer lies in the ~SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND~, or what I refer to as "Self" with a capital S.

Big Self.

“O-Kay, Kate. So what the hell is it?”

Right. Ever heard of quantum physics? If you have or have NOT, quantum physics tells us that every single thing in the universe, when you break it alllll the way down, is made up of nothing but energy.

No matter how teeny-tiny-- every atom, molecule, and particle-- when you zoom all the way in, all you’ll see is a whole lot of space.

99.9999999% space to be precise.

What fills that space? Energy in the form of vibrations of electromagnetic waves. Light.

And guess what? Humans are only able to see way less than ONE PERCENT of the electromagnetic spectrum in the form of visible light.

We can’t see gamma rays, or radio waves, or even ultra-violet waves. We can only perceive the tiny little sliver or pretty colors called visible light.

Which means that space may APPEAR empty to the human eye—but honey it is chock full with information in the form of pure energy. We just can’t perceive it with those silly little eyeballs.

What this tells us is that first of all, nothing in the universe is solid.

Ok. Take a second to let that sink in.


It’s going to be alright.

You are not solid. Your phone is not solid. Your ex boyfriend’s shitty car is not solid. It’s all energy vibrating at a low enough frequency that creates the ILLUSION that it is solid. (Hello, density)

So that must mean that, if all of life and existence is nothing but energy, then we are all connected to everyone and everything.

All of existence is fluid, it’s flowing, it’s interconnected as a web of energy that permeates all of space and matter.


The superconscious mind, or Self, is the highest level of awareness that looks beyond the illusory material reality and taps into the vast energy and collective consciousness beneath and within that reality.

You may hear the Self referred to as Source, Spirit, Chi, God, Yahweh, and Oprah.

Accessing the Self means accessing the incredible universal network of information that exists as electromagnetic waves (light), through all of space and time.

(I’ll save the whole “time is not linear thing” for another blog.)

A major focus of the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive, is to access the incredible resource that is the superconscious mind through altered brainwave states, to retrieve Soul Level information that both the conscious and subconscious mind are unaware of, in order to bring it into conscious awareness.

Once this information is brought forward to the 5% of the conscious mind, we can logically sift through it and begin deciding how we want to reprogram the subconscious mind (your beliefs about reality) in order to manifest a NEW and BETTER reality.

Once you’ve altered your beliefs, the thoughts bopping around in the conscious mind change too. It all comes full circle.


Sound complicated? It’s really not.

The theory is far more complicated than the practice.

But now you have a deeper understanding of PART of what this intensive is aiming to accomplish... to expand your SELF and access it’s wisdom in order to alter the other minds therefore altering your external reality.

Changing your beliefs and manifesting your dream reality is far easier than you could ever imagine. And it is my life’s purpose (thanks Self!) to awaken you to that innate ability.

To become the CONSCIOUS creator of your reality.

Sound exhilerating? It is.

So text or call me at 860-803-8194 or email me at to set up a FREE 20 minute consultation call to discuss your goals and if the Soul Magic 3 Month Intensive is the right fit for you.

Honestly, if you’ve made it this far, it probably is.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Now go give that big multi-layered mind a break.

Sending love always,

xx Kate

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